Rapper DaBaby Slapped With Battery Charge Following Miami Altercation

Rapper DaBaby Slapped With Battery Charge Following Miami Altercation
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DaBaby, the breakout Grammy-nominated artist who was on top of the hip-hop scene last year, was slapped with a battery charge on Thursday night in Miami after he argued with a promoter regarding a payment for a performance. The Miami police revealed the news in an arrest warrant, The Associated Press has learned.

When the authorities apprehended the performer, née Jonathan Kirk, they discovered he had an additional arrest warrant for Texas related to another incident - also a battery charge.

The Miami-Dade Corrections spokesperson, Juan Diasgranados, said in an email that the rapper was booked in the jail just before midnight on Thursday and was supposed to stand before a judge on Friday. Kirk, aka, DaBaby, was visiting South Florida for a New Year's Eve performance at the Miami Beach nightclub.

According to the report, the 28-year-old "Suge" rapper walked up to the music promoter, who had agreed to pay him for another performance at Cafe Iguana nearby in Pembroke Pines. Supposedly, he was supposed to receive $30,000 but only came out with $20,000 after counting it.

When the rapper approached him about the insufficient funds, Kirk assaulted a man who was with the promoter. Afterward, the promoter ran back to his hotel room in fear of his safety. The man whom Kirk purportedly assaulted, claims Kirk's friend stole $80, a bank card, as well as his cell phone.

Last week, Kirk was charged again with marijuana possession as well as resisting an officer while in Charlotte, North Carolina. When the police approached the van upon its arrival at a concert venue, they could clearly smell marijuana and could also see it inside the vehicle.

Consequently, the police had all they needed to move forward with the interrogation. They approached him after he left the venue around 11:00 pm, but he walked away and avoided speaking with them.

Later, Kirk accused the police of searching their cars unlawfully. The police then launched an investigation into whether the authorities followed regular procedures. Reportedly, before the arrest went down, Kirk was handing out toys to children in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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