Rapper Belly Sues Coachella Festival After Alleged Beatdown By Security Personnel

Rapper Belly Sues Coachella Festival After Alleged Beatdown By Security Personnel
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According to a report from TMZ.com, the rapper, Belly, claims Coachella's security personnel brutally attacked him and left him with lifelong injuries. The rapper is now looking to file a lawsuit against the organizers. Back in April of 2018, Belly claims he was attacked while his friend, The Weeknd, was on stage.

Documents obtained by the publication show that Belly claims to have been attacked by 25 security guards without reason. Moreover, the rapper claims to have had within his possession all of the necessary credentials to access the VIP sections of the festival.

Belly hired the lawyer, Ben Meiselas, and the pair are fighting to receive compensation for the vicious beating he supposedly endured. The Palestine-born rapper claims to have been choked, kicked, punched and repeatedly grabbed. Moreover, it was captured on video as well.

Following the assault, Belly was left badly bruised as well as concussed. Belly claims he was beaten until he was unconscious. Moreover, he's looking to receive a payout on account of the permanent physical and mental pain he endured.

You can check out footage of the incident below:

Raised in Ontario, Belly, like The Weeknd, is a Canadian performer. Ahmad Balshe, known as Belly, was born in Jenin in the Palestinian West Bank and started his music career at the young of 16 playing drums in several punk bands in Ottawa.

When he was 21-years-old, he began to pursue his love for hip-hop instead and released his very first mixtape, Death Before Dishonor: Vol 1. Within the period of six years, he released six additional productions including 2007's The Revolution.

Following a brief hiatus from music, the rapper wound up with his first record deal from XO in 2015, the label associated with The Weeknd. He later secured another contract with Roc Nation, after he helped write several songs for both Beyoncé as well as The Weeknd.

He went on to release his 2018 album, Immigrant, following several mixtape releases.

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