Ramona Singer Would ‘Never Say Never’ To Getting Back Together With Mario!

Ramona Singer Would ‘Never Say Never’ To Getting Back Together With Mario!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

During a brand new interview, RHONY star Ramona Singer revealed that she and her former husband are in a ‘good place’ these days. As fans remember, the two put an end to their marriage back in 2014 after a shocking cheating scandal.

The reality TV celeb even admitted that she is not a hundred percent against the two of them getting back together.

As you may know, Ramona and her ex, Mario surprised fans when they reunited on RHONY for one episode late last month.

But would they maybe give their romance a second chance?

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Ramona talked about that possibility, saying that ‘Getting divorced wasn’t easy, but you know what? Mario and I are in a good place which you saw on the show. I love him as a person. I settled into that and it’s important to not harbor any animosity towards one person for the other.’

The celeb explained that the main reason why she wants to stay friendly with her ex is that it’s not healthy to have resentments, cheating or not!

It’s just ‘not good for yourself or your heart and soul or your children that you share.’

The two are the co-parents of a 24 year old daughter named Avery.

When asked about whether or not she would consider getting back together, Ramona admitted that ‘We’re friendly and that feels good. You always say never say never but I don’t know. I don’t think so. We’re different people. We want different things.’

So it sounds like resetting their romance is, while not impossible, very unlikely at this point.

Ramona also rejected the idea of the two of them just casually hooking up, saying that she’s too ‘mature’ for that.


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