Ramona Singer - What's Her Future On RHONY After Refusing To Film?

Ramona Singer - What's Her Future On RHONY After Refusing To Film?
Credit: Source: people.com

It seems like Ramona Singer is yet to sign her contract for the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of New York. Is she going to leave just like Bethenny Frankel did?

According to an insider report, Ramona is not planning on walking in Bethenny’s footsteps and exiting the show.

This comes amid reports that she is ‘refusing to film’ after the last OG cast member left RHONY.

But that is not to say she wants to never film again.

A source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Ramona would never walk away from RHONY. She absolutely loves doing the show. It has opened many doors for her. She honestly feels like right now she is living her best life. Ramona's been holding out for her contract because she feels there is extra money with Bethenny gone and she wants the right compensation.’

As an insider previously mentioned, Ramona was not too happy with her ‘initial offers’ which is why she decided to hold her ground until she would get what she wanted.

But regardless if she gets the paycheck she wants or not, Ramona ‘knows she’s not going to walk. She feels like she really helps make the show and could not care less what the other ladies think.’

In the meantime, the source claimed that everyone else on the show ‘knows she is coming back.’

Well, she’s been on RHONY since the very beginning!

But, she allegedly wants someone else to come back with her as well.

‘Ramona would love to have Jill Zarin return. Looks like Jill will film here and there, but nothing full time. Ramona continues to push for Jill to return full time. She would be thrilled to have her back.’


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