Rachel Maddow Says Her Partner Nearly Died - Delivers Powerful Message About Taking COVID-19 Very Seriously!

Rachel Maddow Says Her Partner Nearly Died - Delivers Powerful Message About Taking COVID-19 Very Seriously!
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Rachel Maddow’s life partner, Susan Mikula, almost lost her life because of COVID-19 so now, she is encouraging all people out there to take the virus very seriously! Here’s what she had to say in her lengthy, powerful message!

While some people are still more or less sceptical about the virus that took over the world, Rachel Maddow wanted to make it very clear that this is not something that needs anyone’s doubts.

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After all, her partner, Susan nearly succumbed to COVID-19, just like many others!

The MSNBC anchor has been off the air for the past couple of weeks after a ‘close contact’ tested positive of the dangerous virus.

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At first, when she went into quarantine, the newscaster did not reveal who that person close to her was.

However, she has now confirmed that it was her longtime partner and that, she nearly lost the battle with the virus!

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Earlier today, Maddow started hosting The Rachel Maddow Show remotely, from the safety of her own home and used this opportunity to open up about her experience with COVID-19 in hopes that everyone will treat it with utmost seriousness.

Rachel started by telling her viewers Susan is ‘the center of [her] universe,’ making it clear that the woman is very important to her.

‘My relationship with Susan is the only thing at the end of the day that I would kill or die for without hesitation,’ she went on to say before going on to reveal that their world was shook by Susan contracting the virus.

She apparently kept getting ‘sick and sicker.’ And at one point we truly thought there was a possibility it might kill her.’

‘What you need to know is that whoever is the most important person in your life, whoever you most love and care for and cherish in the world. That is the person you may lose, or you may spend weeks up all night freaking out about and calling doctors all over the place and over and over again all night long, just trying to figure out how to keep that person, breathing, and out of the hospital,’ Rachel told her viewers, in part.


For more on what she had to say, check out the episode in its entirety!


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