Rachel Lindsay ‘Shocked’ Hannah B. Is The New ‘Bachelorette’ - Here's Why!

Rachel Lindsay ‘Shocked’ Hannah B. Is The New ‘Bachelorette’ - Here's Why!
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It turns out that former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay did not expect Hannah B. to be the one to take that title in the upcoming season! In a new interview for HollywoodLife, Lindsay revealed why she was shocked to learn about it!

As fans know, usually, the reality TV show follows a very clear formula – the next Bachelorette is picked out of the top four contestants on The Bachelor.

That is the exact reason why Lindsay stated that she was surprised they went with Hannah B since she finished seventh.

While in attendance at Bridezillas Fashion Show in New York City a couple of days ago, Lindsay chatted with the news outlet and revealed her thoughts on the new Bachelorette.

‘I’m shocked they picked Hannah, I didn’t think that they’d reached that far back… I mean, I definitely think she’ll be entertaining and she’s [24]. So, it’s like, ‘Have the time of your life, you’re like a Miss America. It’s the pageant she never won. Now, she gets to be in that role. So, have fun… be open to whatever.’

‘I think Hannah B’s gonna be fun. I mean, I’m on record saying that I didn’t think anybody should be The Bachelorette from this season. I’m not gonna change my mind.’

Rachel was also asked if she would give Hannah advice on how to pick a man just like former Bachelorettes have done in the past.

She admitted that she could not since she said she should not be the next Bachelorette and that would make her helping hand hypocritical.

Lindsay then noted that she was, however, only talking about the top four, but still, it doesn’t seem like she’ll stop by the show during the new season.

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