R. Kelly's Plea To Be Let Out Of Prison Due To COVID-19 Is Rejected By The Judge

R. Kelly's Plea To Be Let Out Of Prison Due To COVID-19 Is Rejected By The Judge
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In recent news, R. Kelly, who was recently accused of sexual abuse once again in his career, was denied a motion to be released from prison due to the fear of contracting COVID-19 which he claimed has impacted the facility in which he's staying.

TMZ reported that the judge -  who the R&B crooner asked for permission - denied the request because they fear he'll try and leave the country.

The judge said overtly that Kelly is staying in police custody due to the fear he may try and leave the country or intimidate witnesses. Moreover, the judge claims there haven't been any reported coronavirus cases in Chicago's MCC either.

Furthermore, the judge pointed to some of the precautionary measures taken by prisons, including limiting visits and also thwarting inmate transfers between institutions. The judge also claimed R. Kelly isn't at risk at his particular age. R. Kelly is 53-years-old.

In the past, Kelly tried stating that because he has had surgery while in jail, he was at risk of contracting COVID-19, but the judge states he hasn't proven how a surgical operation would increase susceptibility to contracting the coronavirus.

As most know, Kelly is coming up on a trial soon for sex abuse crimes, and this is part of the reason why he wants to be let out. Kelly claims he hasn't been allowed to meet with his lawyers and legal team to discuss a defense strategy.

However, the judge claimed he is more than capable of communicating with his legal counsel through telephone or via email. The world is currently fighting back against the coronavirus, and the judge referenced the fact that it's unlikely his trial will be in July like initially planned.

In other words, the judge believes he'll have more than enough time to prepare a defense with his legal team. As it was previously reported, Kelly and his team stated that him staying in prison was the same as "drinking poison."

Kelly joins a list of other celebrities who asked to be let out of prison out of fear of the coronavirus. Bill Cosby also tried the same tactic. 

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