R. Kelly's Music No Longer Allowed On ‘The Voice’ And ‘American Idol’

R. Kelly's Music No Longer Allowed On ‘The Voice’ And ‘American Idol’
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It is safe to say that R. Kelly’s songs used to be really popular choices for the contestants on talent shows such as American Idol and The Voice. However, because of the star’s sexual assault and misconduct accusations, that will no longer be the case!

As you may know, ever since the six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, aired on Lifetime, many celebrities have been denouncing the disgraced man and that includes people like Lady Gaga who chose to take her collab song with him off all streaming services!

In a similar manner, The Voice and American Idol have also gotten all his songs basically blacklisted from the competitions, one insider tells HollywoodLife.

‘Producers are now actively making sure that songs that were performed by R. Kelly will not be a part of the show anymore in any way. A lot of times, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ has been an option and staple for performers to sing in auditions, and on the show itself, or his songs have been used as background for a vignette, but that is not going to be the case anymore,’ the source shared.

Furthermore, ‘They understand that this might cause a whole different dialog with other artists that have been in trouble or will be in trouble, but they are actively making sure that R. Kelly will not be a part of the future of their shows.’

It makes sense that such a decision was taken since John Legend is going to be a coach on The Voice’s season 16 and he even appeared in the docuseries.

Legend slammed Kelly, calling him a ‘serial child rapist.’

Other big names in the industry who spoke up about R. Kelly’s alleged crimes are Ne-Yo and Cara Delevigne.

At this time, there is a whole #MuteRKelly movement which, as the name suggests, encourages people to boycott his music.

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