R. Kelly's Legal Defense Says Only The Opinion Of The 'Twelve People' Among The Jury Matter

R. Kelly's Legal Defense Says Only The Opinion Of The 'Twelve People' Among The Jury Matter
Credit: Source: NPR.org

According to a report from Page Six, R. Kelly, the embattled R & B performer, was allegedly denounced by his publicist the other day, and his defense attorney argued today, on Tuesday, that he and the rest of his team will continue without the aid of a crisis manager.

On Monday, the publicist for the singer of "I Believe I Can Fly" stepped down from his position on account of "personal reasons." Kelly's attorney-at-law, Steven Greenberg, announced on his Twitter account just a few hours afterward that Mr. Johnson was leaving.

This was just a couple of hours after Johnson said to reporters from CBS News that he wouldn't leave his daughter alone with an accused "pedophile," even his own client. Speaking with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, the publicist stated he wouldn't leave anyone accused of pedophilia with his daughter.

Greenberg, speaking with The Post on Tuesday, stated that he and the rest of his team are going to "address the cases in the court." R. Kelly's lawyer added that the only people whose opinions they care about are those of the 12 people on the jury.

At the moment, the singer is facing off against federal charges in Brooklyn as well as in Chicago. The charges are severe, including the setting up of a sex ring in which to hold minors against their will.

Kelly was denied bail in his Chicago case and he's now expected to appear in a federal court on the 2nd of August. He is currently awaiting his racketeering indictment. As it was previously reported, R. Kelly, while he has had legal troubles in the past, including the previous 2008 incident in which he was exonerated, is now in serious hot water.

Reports have it that, following the release of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime, many of his former friends and closer acquaintances gave up approximately twenty videotapes of him having sex with underage girls.

As it was noted above, Kelly was exonerated in 2008 due to the fact prosecutors couldn't prove it was in fact, Kelly, in the videotape.

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