R. Kelly's Girlfriend Azriel Clary Rejoins Family For The First Time In Years

R. Kelly's Girlfriend Azriel Clary Rejoins Family For The First Time In Years
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Variety claims that Azriel Clary, one of R. Kelly's purported victims, was just 17-years-old when she left the home of her parents, Alice and Angelo Clary, to live with the singer-songwriter in his home.

Initially, Clary and Joycelyn Savage defended R. Kelly as accusations of sexual abuse against him intensified following the airing of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime. Followers of the case know that Surviving R. Kelly appeared instrumental in the arrest of Kelly in three different states.

Kelly is currently sitting in Chicago, Illinois, while he awaits his upcoming trial. Clary, who spent several years of her life with Savage and Kelly in his home, had a physical fight with Savage that was posted on Instagram last Friday.

After this altercation, Alice Clary, Azriel's mother, confirmed that her daughter had come back to their home. During a conversation with People Magazine, Azriel's mother stated that the "battle is won," because her daughter is still alive and breathing, even though she may have lost a few years of her life.

On her social media account, Azriel posted a picture where she looked pretty happy. You can check it out below:

As it was previously reported, Clary went to the Brooklyn courthouse with Savage to support her, although, the media thought they went there to support Kelly, rather than each other. Clary clarified the exchange later on her social media account.

Interestingly, the meeting between the pair didn't end amicably, considering they got into a physical confrontation, leading to the apprehension of Savage on charges of assault.

Clary, in the midst of their altercation, threatened Savage of sleeping with a minor, because she was underage at the time. Women who have accused Kelly of assault claim he would often force them into sleeping with other girls.

Their stories with Kelly were documented in the aforementioned Lifetime docu-series, which Azriel Clary's mother didn't even want to participate in. Alice Clary said to reporters from People Magazine that she didn't even want to play a role in the first one, which is the same reason why she didn't participate in the sequel.

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