R. Kelly's Ex "GF" Lisa Van Allen Recounts His Supposed Abusive Behavior

R. Kelly's Ex "GF" Lisa Van Allen Recounts His Supposed Abusive Behavior
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In a new episode of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith spoke with Lisa Van Allen who used to date R. Kelly before the new allegations hit the mainstream. In a brief clip shared on her Instagram, Lisa spoke with Jada about the embattled singer and what it was like to spend time with him as one of his girlfriends.

This all comes after the new documentary, Surviving R Kelly , released on Lifetime, which detailed many of the singer's supposed transgressions. Thus far, no charges have been laid against the R & B performer.

Van Allen discussed at length the ways in which Kelly supposedly manipulated her from a young age. She described him as a "master manipulator," and that he says what he must to get what he wants.

Moreover, the star went on to explain what it was like to go public with her allegations before the #MeToo era. "They threatened my life, but you can't let that stuff stop you." According to Van Allen, when she grew up into an adult in a world where everyone loved R. Kelly, it was incredibly difficult.

As it was previously reported, R. Kelly allegedly was married to Aaliyah when she was just 15-years-old and he was 27-years-old. It has been a point of contention among those in the hip-hop and R & B community for many years.

It was also something that Lisa Van Allen mentioned. The ex-girlfriend of R. Kelly said she started to cry one day when she thought about Kelly and how he may have possibly treated the legendary R & B singer, who tragically died in 2001 in an airplane crash.

Despite all of the condemnation against R. Kelly from his cohorts in the music industry, no official charges have been laid, not from Chicago or Atlanta where he is supposedly under investigation by authorities.

Last Friday, the police visited R. Kelly at the Trump Tower in Chicago due to an anonymous tip, and when they arrived, the police found no reason for an arrest or foul play of any kind.

Although, just because the police haven't found charges, it doesn't mean there won't be any in the future. Many celebrities like Chance The Rapper, Joyner Lucas, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen, have condemned R. Kelly and his alleged behavior since the release of Surviving R. Kelly.

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