R. Kelly’s Daughter Has Taken Some Drastic Measures To Distance Herself From Him

R. Kelly’s Daughter Has Taken Some Drastic Measures To Distance Herself From Him
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Buku Abi, the daughter of R. Kelly, has been suffering from her association to her father ever since she was born -- it was that long ago that the first accusations were brought up against him.

Abi, who was born Joann Kelly, has even changed her legal name at one point, in order to avoid the immediate associations.

However, that has done very little to help her evade the pressure put on her by the public, colleagues, and classmates, and she has explained that it is quite difficult for her to find any work with other people, because they all immediately judge her for her father’s actions.

She also wanted to make it clear that the situation looked quite different on the inside than it did from an outsider’s perspective, and explained that life has been tough for her in general as a result of what her father had allegedly done with young women.

Her problems have been following her since elementary school, as she claims to have started receiving comments about her situation as early as the 5th and 6th grade.

It was at that point that other kids started to realize the gravity of the situation around her father, and it looks like Buku has gone through quite a lot, even in her childhood.

The 21-year-old told the AP : “I think you get to see a different side of it than somebody who sees it from the outside and gets to see the glitz and glam. I got to see the hell part of it. At home it’s normal, you’re living a life with your parents; your dad and mom aren’t going to go into all the bad things that might be going on outside of the home.”

She added: “Kids in school don’t necessarily care. Fifth and sixth grade is when I started learning the sore part of it, the not so good part. I think that was the hardest part for me because for so long, I went with this image of who my dad (was) and what my family (was).”

However, at the moment, her troubles continue, as many have shunned her right out the door just because of her relationship with the legendary R&B singer.

Some fans say hopefully she will manage to shed that association in the future, although judging by the recent developments around R. Kelly -- who is facing 18 counts in federal indictments on various sex crimes -- that is probably not very likely.

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