R. Kelly's Crisis Manager, Darrell Johnson, Doesn't Trust Him - Watch The Video

R. Kelly's Crisis Manager, Darrell Johnson, Doesn't Trust Him - Watch The Video
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It looks like all the accusations against R. Kelly have finally caught up to him. He's currently sitting behind bars, as you may know by now and meanwhile, it's been reported that his team is working day and night in order to maintain the man's innocence.

The Shade Room cites sources and brings new info on the subject, as you will see below.

They have just reported that Kelly's crisis manager, Darrell Johnson,' says he's innocent if the evidence doesn't convict him, but Darrell's stance isn't too convincing after a recent interview.'

TSR reported that during an interview on CBS This Morning, Darrell spoke about everything from R. Kelly's expenses to his past accusations.

TSR writes that 'Darrell says he sees Kells as any normal person leading a normal life, but when asked about his own daughter, his tune changed. Gayle King explicitly asks Darrell if he would leave his 20-year-old daughter with R. Kelly, and Darrell says absolutely not.'

'I wouldn't leave my daughter with anybody that's accused of being a pedophile,' Darrell sais, cited by TSR.

Someone said, 'After the allegations, no sane person would leave their child w R Kelly. Now at 20 Gayle, she can make her own decisions so the question was irrelevant but I see the point of it. Now ask the 20 something odd parents who allowed their children to be w Kelly since Aaliyah... wtf was wrong with you all???'

A follower posted: 'Lmfaoo so bro is you doing this for the money or what? Idek how much Robert still has anyways but like this contradicting asf.'

Somoene else wrote: 'He answered that quick AF. She couldn’t even get the question out before he answered.'

One commenter said: 'Shid the way he smacks his lips I'm concerned about him to.'

One other person believes this: 'Nah they can’t relate the two. He was very general with his answer. As his lawyer, you can’t expect him to say I think he’s guilty. He answered correctly without the judgment of his client.'

What do you think about what Johnson said?

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