R Kelly's Cohorts In Alleged 'Cult' Are Revealed

R Kelly's Cohorts In Alleged 'Cult' Are Revealed
Source: BuzzFeed.com

R Kelly can't get a break! In a report from The Jasmine Brand, alleged details regarding some of the women the R & B singer employs have hit the internet. According to the publication, the singer has hired personnel to help teach the women who stay with him.

A source close to his "employees" claims that a lady named Diana Copeland is working for the singer and goes by the name "Madame" while in the home.

According to the organization, she teaches the women to do several things, including how to "please" the singer as well as how to behave, dress, and act.

Another woman by the name of Andrea - who is nicknamed "Juice" - helps teach the women who are allegedly held captive. Trevian Kutty works as the crooner's Director of Celebrity and Media relations.

The insider goes on to state that Trevian "helped coach" Jocelyn Savage - the 21-year-old woman whose family started the entire "sex-cult" allegations in a report from BuzzFeed - to become the kind of girl R Kelly finds attractive.

However, representatives on the crooner's team have claimed that the singer has no such involvement with any form of the alleged activity and he will not address them publicly.

As Celebrity Insider readers know, allegations hit R. Kelly three months ago when BuzzFeed published a report stating that Savage's parents claimed he was holding women - including Jocelyn - hostage.

However, Jocelyn created a YouTube video soon after and said she was doing "just fine, " and the media reports were ridiculous. At this point - as many social media users have pointed out - the accusations are becoming facetious and incredulous because, if they had any credibility at all, the police of Georgia would be able to intervene. They have yet to do so.

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