R. Kelly's Attorney Says The Accusations Made In The Docuseries 'Didn't Happen!'

R. Kelly's Attorney Says The Accusations Made In The Docuseries 'Didn't Happen!'
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Following the release of Surviving R. Kelly, a six-part docuseries about his alleged horrible crimes against women, R. Kelly’s legal representative is slamming the production that includes interviews from some of the supposed victims, stating that none of ‘those things’ happened! Steven Greenberg stopped by CBS This Morning and while there, the lawyer said the docuseries was nothing more than a ‘hit piece.’

About the disgraced star, Greenberg said that ‘He's disappointed these women are doing this, that those families are doing it, that they are ruining a talented musician's career.’

In the beginning, the man claimed he does not watch ‘that sort of trash’ therefore he hadn’t watched ‘one minute’ of Surviving R. Kelly.

However, he eventually stated he has ‘seen snippets of it.’ Well, which one is it?

‘I've seen some of the interviews on it. I know who's behind it,’ Greenberg added.

As for the accusations against his client, the attorney argued that there is zero evidence they are true.

Meanwhile, a number of celebrities have also denounced R. Kelly since the release of the docuseries, and Greenberg slammed Lady Gaga in particular.

‘Look at Lady Gaga. Now she wants an Academy Award, so now all of a sudden he is some terrible person.’

The lawyer did not reveal what is Kelly’s next step but he did mention that the controversial man will most likely address his scandal publicly very soon.

As an alternative to that, he will just write a new song and ‘it'll be a big hit!’

Also yesterday, the lawyer stopped by Good Morning America and once again, denied all of the serious accusations against his client.

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