R. Kelly's Appearence At Chicago Music Festival Canceled Due To New Batch Of Allegations

R. Kelly's Appearence At Chicago Music Festival Canceled Due To New Batch Of Allegations
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Officials from the state of Illinois, United States, say that a previously scheduled R. Kelly concert in Springfield cannot occur in the home of the Windy City following the new sexual misconduct allegations against him. The Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly , has generated significant controversy in the last two weeks.

Denise Albert, a spokeswoman for the Department of Agriculture, said to the Chicago Tribune that the application for the Spring Break Jam in April was rejected on Thursday due to protests outside of Kelly's studio in Chicago.

By looking at social media comments on R. Kelly videos and the like, it appears as though the new docu-series has changed the public's mind about the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer.  Since the documentary came out, R. Kelly has denied all wrong-doing, but more and more celebrities and former collaborators have spoken negatively about him.

An anonymous tip claimed that R. Kelly was in a hotel room in Chicago's Trump Tower on Friday with two women, but when the police arrived, they found no evidence of wrong-doing.

Reports have it that after a brief interview with both the women and R. Kelly, they determined there was no evidence for an arrest. Earlier this week, a radio station in Chicago announced they would no longer play the embattled singer's music either.

A lawyer for Kelly, Steven Greenberg, said to reporters from NBC News on Wednesday that neither he nor Kelly, have chosen to sit down and watch the docu-series. His attorney-at-law said that "over a decade ago, he was found innocent of any wrongdoing."

His attorney described his critics as "just haters" who are maliciously attacking his credibility for the sake of ruining his career. This has all gotten quite sour for Mr. Kelly, whose former collaborators even in the music industry have condemned him and his supposed actions.

Interestingly, however, multiple reports have indicated that police have visited Kelly on a couple of different occasions and found no reason for an arrest. The world will have to wait and see if Atlanta and Chicago's prosecutors have enough evidence or any at all, to place Kelly under arrest.

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