R. Kelly Will Not Be Released For These Reasons And Critics Are Still Pouncing On Him

R. Kelly Will Not Be Released For These Reasons And Critics Are Still Pouncing On Him
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R. Kelly's latest court motion, in which he asked if he could be put under home arrest because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, was not accepted.

At the end of March, the famous R&B singer's legal defense requested for Kelly to be transferred to his home, instead of remaining behind bars, because he was supposedly in danger of the disease.

Also, the "I Believe I Can Fly" performer complained that due to the current ban on all visits in his current confinement at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, he could not discuss his defense strategy with his lawyers for his trial in New York, which is currently scheduled for the beginning of July.

The singer could communicate with his attorneys only via phone calls, which was not enough.

However, the motion was denied by the US District Judge Ann Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York who allegedly stated that Kelly was a flight risk and he could be dangerous to the community, especially to some of the witnesses in his ongoing trials.

Also, Donnelly remarked that for the time being, there were no reported cases of the coronavirus in the prison where Kelly was.

The judge also explained that the only possibility for the singer to have a chance of being allowed home arrest was if he could prove that he had no intention of fleeing justice or harming potential witnesses who could be involved in the trials against him.

One person had this reaction to the news: "You believe you can lie. This man is trynna get out of jail."

Another commenter explained: "That would be putting the predator back with his prey. I can't imagine what he would put her through after being locked up. Just because she has stated by his side does not make her any less a victim. The state has a duty to protect her if there is even a tiny chance the abuse is true!"

This social media user wrote: "Nope, he would be a risk more now than ever with so many of our vulnerable people isolated."

So far, the singer is battling numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, sex trafficking, racketeering, and having sex with minors.

The justice system is not giving Kelly any breaks this time.

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