R. Kelly Wants Out Of Jail And Cites 'Increasing Health Issues'

R. Kelly Wants Out Of Jail And Cites 'Increasing Health Issues'
Credit: Rolling Stone

After it was reported that R. Kelly wants out of prison so he can see his girlfriends, now more info surfaces on his case. It seems that the man is citing some pretty bad health-related issues as the main reason for which he wants out.

R. Kelly has been in jail since July and his legal team 'has requested that he be released on bond numerous times—only to have those requests denied largely because he is deemed a flight risk,' The Shade Room wrote.

They also reported that at the moment, Kelly said that 'his health has declined in the last few months and he needs to be released ASAP.'

TSR writes that 'As the legal saga of R. Kelly continues to unfold in shocking ways, he (along with the head of his legal team) has tried unsuccessfully to be released from prison on bond as he awaits multiple charges in various states.'

TSR cites reports from TMZ and says that 'Kelly is claiming that he’s experiencing a host of health issues due to the prison neglecting to give him proper medical care.'

It's also worth noting that Kelly's lead attorney, Steve Greenberg, recently filed court documents and he hopes that his client will be freed on bond.

He also cited medical issues such as 'numbness in his hands, increased anxiety, and an untreated hernia.'

People are obviously not supportive of Kelly.

Somoene said: 'He's having an underage girl withdraw.'

Another follower posted: 'Whoo boy he didn't have the health problems when he was... NVM 🤦🏽‍♀️'

One commenter said: 'Suffer how them little girls had to bro!'

By going through more comments, you will see that the amount of hate targeting Kelly is massive.

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