R. Kelly Victim's Family Says They Didn't Receive $2 Million In Hush-Money For 2008 Case

R. Kelly Victim's Family Says They Didn't Receive $2 Million In Hush-Money For 2008 Case
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According to a report from TMZ.com, the family involved in the child pornography case with R. Kelly in 2008, claims they were not paid off, contrary to some reports. Their lawyer, Christopher Brown, said to reporters from TMZ that the allegations from Michael Avenatti stating the families chose not to testify on account of being bought off were simply not true.

Christopher said to reporters from the outlet that the allegations they were bought off in exchange for silence - an amount of $2 million - are not true and have no "basis in reality." Brown stated the claims were unequivocally false.

Brown went on to say that the victim and her family have since been spoken to by the United States Attorney's Office in Chicago, Illinois, and they are cooperating with the authorities. As it was previously reported, Kelly was in court on Tuesday for a hearing regarding his federal sex crimes case.

This past Monday, Avenatti, formerly the attorney for Stormy Daniels amid her battle with the president, stated he represents three of the women in the case. Avenatti accused Kelly and his team of paying off the family in exchange for silence, and that's why Kelly was never convicted in 2008.

Speaking on the 2008 case, Avenatti said succinctly that the case was "bogus," and the family was paid for their silence. The payment "ensured the truth was never told to that jury in 2008," the lawyer added. The family has denied these claims outright.

This past week in Illinois, Chicago, the embattled R & B singer was booked by the authorities on federal charges for multiple sex crimes including obstruction of justice, racketeering, as well as child pornography. Moreover, he's up against more sex abuse charges in Cook County, Illinois.

Following the airing of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime, R. Kelly's downfall amid the #MeToo era was precipitous, with many people, many of which were formerly his defenders, rescinding their support of the controversial singer.

Of course, allegations against Kelly go all the way back to the nineties, one of which involves his illegal marriage to the deceased singer, Aaliyah. Her family annulled the license.

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