R. Kelly Update: Singer Loses It, Breaks Down In Tears With CBS' Gayle King 'I'm Fighting For My Life'

R. Kelly Update: Singer Loses It, Breaks Down In Tears With CBS' Gayle King 'I'm Fighting For My Life'
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CBS' Gayle King has landed an exclusive interview with R. Kelly and several clips from the special are making their rounds on social media. The interview airs in two parts on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7 on CBS This Morning and is already going viral. The clips are explosive and R. Kelly breaks down on national TV, bursts into tears, curses and says, "I'm fighting for my (expletive) life."

Gayle King wasn't sidestepping the main issue and directly asked R. Kelly to comment on accusations that he has been sexually abusing underage girls.

At first, Kelly unequivocally declared his innocence without addressing anything specifically due to the legal nature of pending cases.

He also suggested he would be "stupid" and "crazy" to actually have done the things alleged against him. Though in the first clip, Kelly appeared calm, cool, and collected his voice began to rise to a high pitch in the second clip.

He spoke over Gayle King, denied emotionally, physically, and starving women, discussed allegations against him that he's locked women up against their will and starved them, then crying stated, "This is not me. I did not do this."

He also spoke into the camera as if he were a defense attorney talking to jurors.

"Use your common sense."

You can see a video preview from CBS below.

There's little doubt the full videos are going to go viral as millions tuned into the dynamic Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly  that in turn resulted in 10 sexual misconduct charges of abuse against the Grammy winner. The 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse carry a potential 70-year life sentence.

Millions watched online as he turned himself in to the Cook County Jail and then when he was released on bond that a woman described as a superfan, Valencia Love, posted for him.

R. Kelly is the subject of multiple investigations including those involving human trafficking. He is currently under investigation by the I.R.S., F.B.I., and Department of Homeland Security, according to reports.

What do you think about the R. Kelly case? Do you believe he is being framed or set up based on decades-old allegations that he beat?

Do you think R. Kelly belongs in prison?

R. Kelly's next court date is scheduled for March 22, 2019.

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