R. Kelly Tried To Use This Embarrassing Information To Help Himself In On-Going Court Drama -- Some Say He Is Faking It

R. Kelly Tried To Use This Embarrassing Information To Help Himself In On-Going Court Drama -- Some Say He Is Faking It
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R. Kelly will have to deal with yet another series of allegations, as the disgraced R&B performer was charged with bribery recently for being involved in the arrangements for late singer Aaliyah to receive a fake passport, so the two of them could marry in secret.

Kelly reacted to the new charges by insisting he was innocent and also claimed he was in no condition to travel from his current whereabouts in the Cook County Jail in Chicago to the hearing in New York because he had a phobia of flying.

Furthermore, the celebrity's attorney, Steven Greenberg, requested the court for his client to go without the procedure of the arraignment and plead not guilty instead, because of Kelly's problems with reading.

The attorney claimed that he read the official court document with the new charge to the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer and that Kelly was perfectly aware of its content and its meaning.

However, Greenberg's plea was not granted, and the court was adamant with the decision that the arraignment will take place in the form of a video conference since Kelly was not able to fly.

U. S. Prosecutor Richard P. Donoghue answered the request by explaining that even though prosecutors were previously informed of Kelly's learning disability, which caused the singer's reading problems, the formal hearing was still happening.

Donoghue also said that a video arraignment would be a suitable solution that would ensure the defendant had a sufficient understanding of the charges against him.

A person had this reaction: "Sorry, not sorry. All that damn money and you didn’t pay anybody to help you learn how to read. Wtf are all of you good for? The dumb man should have been learning how to read instead of hanging around malls looking for young girls to abuse."

Another commenter stated: "He probably can read but doesn’t understand what it really means..."

One defender explained: "Even if that were true, ain't no reading without comprehension. If you don't understand, then you're just saying words."

A skeptic shared: "I like to know how he got so rich and got money for songs he wrote about having sex all the time so is he saying he can sing slow dance or he didn’t see anything wrong with a little bump and grind or age ain’t nothing but a number, or I like the crotch on you or believe he can fly or any sexual song he sings but can’t read? Who are you fooling?😡😡"

Kelly can still count on some of his fans.

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