R. Kelly Seems To Prove That He Did Right By The Woman Who Helped Him In His Time In Need

R. Kelly Seems To Prove That He Did Right By The Woman Who Helped Him In His Time In Need
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The situation around R. Kelly’s legal troubles just got stranger. More than half a year ago, an anonymous person paid $100,000 to bail the Chicago native out and did not want to reveal their identity.

There was a lot of speculation about who they might be back then, but the story was eventually clarified -- Valencia Love, a business owner, paid for Kelly’s bail.

Recently, Love approached the court and has asked for a refund for her “investment.” However, it does not look like Love has much of a case, as the court has reportedly denied her request already.

The only thing that has been stated with regards to the bail situation was that the woman might get refunded on her bail after the case is completed, but at this rate, it could be several years before this happens.

Love also pointed out that she wanted to distance herself from the accusations that the singer was facing.

She noted that she did not agree with people who were sexual abusers, but at the same time pointed out that Kelly had not been convicted yet.

She explained that she saw nothing wrong with the idea of supporting a friend, but did not want to have her name attached to the accusations he was facing.

Via Twitter, a page that backs the singer has produced a copy of the check that Kelly gave Love. It seems that Kelly paid Love back with interest for helping him out.

Many people have been blasting Love for paying the money in the first place.

One person said: “It’s bond money people! She won’t loose, she gets it back when he appears in court or when that case is over. Where is my brother going, he is, unfortunately, being held without bond? Good luck R Kelly.”

Another commenter wrote: “So and she not getting it back she can call. that little paper a lost... she can’t pay her attorney his Steve that’s about.”

This follower stated: “When has anyone gotten the bail money back. That’s crazy. That money was used right! So why would she get it back afterward?”

A fourth comment read: “Should make clear that she will get it back eventually, she’s legally entitled to get it back because he did not skip bail. They can legally keep it until his Chicago trial is over. That’s is just wrong. I’m sure that is not how it goes. Black people “STOP” throwing our Black men to the dogs. This is still RACIST America.”

A fifth observer chimed in: “I’m so lost on this. From what I hear, the judge is calling it a complete loss for her. Did he miss a bail obligation? Was he released and picked back up? The judge basically told her, she signed saying she may lose the money.”

Things around R. Kelly are quite strange right now, as the R&B crooner is facing multiple charges, and the legal system had also served him a few nasty surprises, including an arrest warrant at a time when he was in jail.

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