R. Kelly Says He Did Not Watch 'Surviving R. Kelly' As Other Musicians Urge To #MUTERKELLY

R. Kelly Says He Did Not Watch 'Surviving R. Kelly' As Other Musicians Urge To #MUTERKELLY
Credit: Source: WBUR

The explosive three-part documentary focused around R. Kelly's alleged sickening behavior aired the last installment on Saturday night leaving viewers more shocked and disgusted than ever. Of the millions of people that tuned in helping break Lifetime's viewing record, R.kelly was not one of them.

TMZ was able to reach out to the controversial musician who claimed that not only did he refuse to watch it but everything that was said about him was a lie.

Additionally, he has an explanation for the dozens of women and witnesses who appeared on the special. He claims that he doesn't know half of them and the other half are people who have a business or personal vendetta against him.


The report ends with a statement that reads he will be suing everyone involved with the scandalous expose.

During 'Surviving R.Kelly,' everyone from ex-employees, family members, and even women who were allegedly abused by the R&B singer appeared to recount their involvement with him. All three hours were trending on social media every night that they aired causing discussion among fans and colleagues alike.

Many famous people have given their take on why the world should #muterkelly.

Among those was Jada Pinkett Smith who was disgusted at the fact that R. Kelly's music streams and purchases were up in numbers even after the program aired.


She took to Instagram to say: "How is it that R Kelly's music sales have spiked (substantially) since the release of the docuseries Surviving R Kelly? I need some help in understanding. What am I missing???"

Neyo also gave his standpoint: "There is NO excuse. Music is important. It really is. But it’s not more important than protecting our children, protecting our little girls. PERIOD."

Tank, who received some blowback from fans because he recently listed R. Kelly as the king of R&B, said: "I lot of artists, song writers, producers, record execs, etc are very confused as to how to respond to what they’ve seen and heard. We’ve all been inspired by this man. We’ve all been witnesses to his musical genius. We have shaped and molded talent we sign after his musical image. We’ve invested so much of ourselves into this man that it’s hard for us to let go. I no longer have that issue. I whole heartedly apologize for not coming to this realization sooner. I CANOT separate the music from the monster! My 3 black daughters won’t let me. "

How do you feel about R. Kelly? Should people stop listening to his music?


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