R. Kelly Reveals The New Reason He Is Terrified For His Life

R. Kelly Reveals The New Reason He Is Terrified For His Life
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It has been revealed that R. Kelly has been terrified for his life due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and in his latest court motion, the disgraced R&B musician pleaded to be put under house arrest, so he could safely self-isolate at home.

The "I Believe I Can Fly" artist was not satisfied with the conditions at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Chicago, where he is currently being held, and he claimed that the facility did not have enough cleaning or sanitizing products for everyone, and prisoners were held in such close proximity to each other that it was impossible for them to practice social distancing effectively.

In the motion, which was filed on Thursday last week, it was stated that visitor's bathroom on the first floor of the building often had "no soap or paper towels available," so visitors coming from the outside had no way to wash their hands before entering.

In the document, another argument of freeing R. Kelly from prison was stated as well, "The courts have long recognized that there is no greater necessity than keeping a defendant alive, no matter the charge."

However, for the time being, there is no information if the motion is going to be successful or not, but it was reported that Kelly was planning to live with his only remaining girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, in a spacious apartment in Chicago, if he gets bailed out.

One critic had this reaction: "Lol. Someone tell him jail is one of the safest places right because nobody is trying to touch a prisoner or get in there with them."

Another commenter stated: "Plus, if he gets out, he is a high risk to society, and if he is let out, he might take the opportunity to do a runner and disappear. Best he stays in jail and in isolation with other healthy prisoners (tbh I don't want him dead from coronavirus, he needs to be alive for trial and serve his jail term full)"

This person revealed: "It is a big NO from me. He should remain in jail, and he is a high risk to society."

The singer currently remains behind bars awaiting his New York trial, which is scheduled to take place in July, before his Chicago trial in October.

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