R. Kelly Reportedly 'Having Panic Attacks' Now That The Lifetime Series Is Out

R. Kelly Reportedly 'Having Panic Attacks' Now That The Lifetime Series Is Out
Credit: Source: EOnline.com

According to a new report from TMZ.com, R. Kelly is now super worried since the unveiling of Lifetime's brand new docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, in which he was accused of holding women hostage in a "sex cult"-esque operation. The production also raised questions of power in the music industry, which the R & B singer supposedly wielded for harmful and sexist purposes.

For the past 2 weeks, celebrities have been condemning Kelly's supposed actions as they're presented in the docu-series online, with Chance The Rapper, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Joyner Lucas, and many others weighing in on the controversy.

Moreover, yesterday, Kevin Hart also spoke up on the reports, taking time away from his own Oscars scandal in which he was accused of making homophobic tweets approximately a decade ago.

Now that the series is out and celebrities have turned their backs on the controversial singer, TMZ reports that Mr. Kelly is "feeling the heat," or in other words, he's been having panic attacks on the regular and even had to go to the hospital.

In Georgia, reports claim the police are officially investigating the allegations against him but no charges have been laid. This won't be the first time police have looked into him as well.

The docu-series alleged that R. Kelly actually had friends in the police department who would let him know when they were coming to his house to make wellness checks. For that reason, he supposedly was able to conceal his alleged transgressions.

Now, the vast majority of celebrities believe that R. Kelly is guilty, and social media commenters appear to have turned the back on the singer as well. A few critics, however, have noted that no official charges have been laid, and he hasn't been proven guilty in a court of law, so caution is a must before passing judgment.

This past Wednesday night, Kelly actually held a birthday party for himself as a way of making it seem like he was "unfazed" by the allegations, claims TMZ. It's unclear whether sources close to the entertainer truly understand Kelly's mental state.

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