R. Kelly Reportedly Doubts His Music Career Is Over Despite The Accusations Against Him

R. Kelly Reportedly Doubts His Music Career Is Over Despite The Accusations Against Him
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It turns out that R. Kelly believes he will rise again, despite the massive scandal surrounding him and problems with the law! That being said, the celeb’s legal representative insisted that Kelly doesn’t think his career is over.

After being arrested for the second time in a couple of weeks (first on accusations of sexual abuse and then for unpaid child support) Robert Kelly posted bail on Saturday and was once again released.

While leaving the Cook County jail in Chicago, NBC News reports, Kelly took some time to address the press gathered there, saying: ‘We are gonna straighten all this stuff out.’

He then mentioned how much he loves his fans and headed for the ride waiting for him.

However, his lawyer, Steve Greenberg stayed behind and talked to the paparazzi a bit more.

Asked if the singer is worried about his career at the moment, Greenberg stated: ‘Of course he's concerned about his career—wouldn't you be concerned? But he is going to go on, he is going to continue to make music, and he is going to perform if he can. That is going to be up to the judge. Does he think his career is over? No, absolutely not.’

Kelly has been vehemently denying all of the accusations against him.

During an interview with Gayle King just last week, the man insisted that all the women shown in the documentary Surviving R. Kelly are just lying.

‘Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me. Hate me if you want, love me if you want to. But just use common sense. How stupid would I be, with my crazy past? I did not do this stuff! This is not me! I am fighting for my f***ing life!’ he ranted, getting more and more unhinged.

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