R. Kelly Pleads For Early Release Again After Claiming He's 'Likely Diabetic'

R. Kelly Pleads For Early Release Again After Claiming He's 'Likely Diabetic'
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Followers of R. Kelly's case know that his purported crimes have been spoken of time and time again in the media, including on social sharing platforms. For instance, Lifetime's airing of Surviving R. Kelly played a pivotal role in the current incarceration of the formerly legendary performer.

Following the docu-series' broadcast, former fans, and even ex-collaborators called for justice for Kelly's alleged victims. These days, Kelly is sitting behind bars amid the coronavirus pandemic while he awaits his trial.

However, Kelly - like many other high-profile convicts - has repeatedly asked for an early release to serve the rest of his prison time at his homes instead. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Mr. Kelly has done the same thing again.

According to a report from Kelly, Kelly also pled not guilty to an indictment recently which included nine counts of very serious charges, including racketeering and sexual abuse. One count included the allegation that he knowingly exposed two different women to the herpes virus.

To make matters worse, one of the women in the case was a minor. Getting back to the topic of an early release, Kelly tried to get out of jail twice this past April. TMZ was the first to report on a statement from Kelly and his lawyer which suggested he was at risk of fatality from the COVID-19 on account of his supposed diabetic status.

TMZ reported that his lawyer referred to the R & B singer as "likely diabetic." As most know, obesity and diabetes are both preexisting conditions that make a person more likely to die from COVID-19.

As it was noted above, Kelly isn't the only celebrity to ask for an early release. Bill Cosby made the same request, claiming that due to not only his old age but also his various preexisting conditions, he was extremely likely to die behind bars if infected by the coronavirus.

Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, also asked for an early release following the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

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