R. Kelly Misses Court Hearing Due To Alleged Toe Infection

R. Kelly Misses Court Hearing Due To Alleged Toe Infection
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According to a report from TMZ.com, Greenberg, Kelly's attorney, spoke to journalists outside the courtroom and explained his health problems, describing that the formerly legendary R&B singer was experiencing problems on one of his toes.

Moreover, Greenberg described the legal situation to reporters, with journalists interpreting R. Kelly's lawyer as stating the case would be in the courts for months. Reportedly, R. Kelly's little toe had to receive an injection of some sort.

His lawyer, Steven Greenberg, claims that the singer was absent in the federal court in Chicago on Wednesday due to an infection that required him to get his toenail removed. Kelly was reportedly concerned someone would step on his feet if he appeared in the courtroom claims the singer's attorney.

Furthermore, Greenberg explained that Kelly was walking in a boot until he gets better post-procedure. Regarding the court hearing, reportedly, it was procedural with just the lawyers present, and there weren't any defendants there either. The next hearing is in February.

As most know, Kelly is currently fighting against multiple court cases including one in New York as well as one in Minnesota and Illinois. As it was previously reported, Kelly's reputation took a turn for the worse - and seemingly permanently - following the airing of the Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly.

The series documented the alleged transgressions of the singer and explored the impact that Kelly had on young women's lives whom he supposedly groomed to be his s*x slaves.

The allegations against the R&B artist were quite deleterious, including forcing women to wear certain clothing, grooming them from a young age, and also restricting where and when they could go to the bathroom. Moreover, many of R. Kelly's former associates and friends turned over videotapes of him having sexual intercourse with minors.

One of the tapes reportedly features the singer sleeping with a 14-year-old girl, and the court transcript was read in court, due to the graphic nature of the videotapes. R. Kelly's trial is occurring concurrently with that of the Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, who was also charged with sex crimes.

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