R. Kelly Is Slammed For Playing The Victim After He Misses Court Date For This Painful Reason

R. Kelly Is Slammed For Playing The Victim After He Misses Court Date For This Painful Reason
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Unexpected complications in R. Kelly's health prevented the disgraced R&B legend from making his attendance in court earlier last week.

The "I Believe I Can Fly" artist had a hernia, which required immediate surgery to be performed, and he was admitted to the North Shore Hospital for the treatment.

According to one of the lawyers of the music celebrity, Shady Yassin, Kelly was not in a very good condition during their last meeting at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in Chicago, as the singer was reportedly limping and did not have enough time to recover from the surgery, which left him with three major stomach incisions.

Details about the health condition of the singer had been previously given to the court by his legal defense back in September, and it appears that Kelly was suffering from not only the hernia but also anxiety and numbness in his limbs.

Steve Greenberg, another one of Kelly's attorneys, has also stated that his client was scheduled on medications for his pain following the surgery, and the numbness in his limbs has been looked into by the medical staff in his prison.

The legendary singer's issues with his hands might be the result of nerve damage.

Besides, Yassin also explained that Kelly was trying to be positive while behind bars, and he was spending his time by taking meditation classes and participating in church activities.

Reportedly, the singer was trying to deal with the effects of negative publicity and has also expressed the desire to have a closer relationship with his children.

One person had this to say about the news: "Wow. Is anyone surprised he's playing the victim? Classic antisocial/narcissistic sexually violent predator. No empathy. No regard."

Another critic slammed him: "Classic. A reminder to all abused women. Even if an abuser got an entire world pointing fingers, he still wouldn't change. So what are the odds for one woman changing one man?"

A third commenter claimed: "I hope justice will prevail for his victims. If only Aaliyah is alive to see this movement doing a wonderful job taking the monster down. So sad that it all comes down to greed and money. Everyone covering up, trying to keep their jobs in his camp, the settlement lawyer....all getting money off him."

Kelly will have a busy schedule in court this year.

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