R. Kelly Is Reportedly Disgusted By The Docuseries And Believes It's All A Vendetta Against Him

R. Kelly Is Reportedly Disgusted By The Docuseries And Believes It's All A Vendetta Against Him
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Lately, the whole Internet has been busy addressing the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries. Everyone had an opinion on the subject and wanted to make it public, and even celebrities commented.

We just reported what happened after Tamar Braxton decided to offer fans and followers her opinion on the matter, as a survivor of sexual abuse and more.

'Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Lifetime and during the three-day debut, 'everyone got a first-hand account of the allegations from the survivors’ perspectives,' The Shade Room notes.

The whole docuseries managed to spark such a massive online debate that it’s spilling over to so many other areas, according to TSR.

They continued and wrote that 'Before the premiere, #Rkelly threatened to sue Lifetime if they moved forward with the documentary (which they obviously did) and needless to say #RKelly is NOT happy about it.'

TMZ also reported that a few insiders close to R. Kelly confirm that 'he is 'disgusted' by the docuseries and reportedly believes the entire thing is nothing more than a 'vendetta' against him.'

As we said, people have various opinions on the matter.

Someone commented 'At that young age they were influenced by the lifestyle and he took advantage of that. Anyway it goes they were UNDERAGE KIDS.'

Another follower commented on TSR's post: 'Don't understand this world!!! I don't see how people can sit here and still defend this dude or deflect what he doing or put the blame on the victim and their parents because they stayed. like nobody ever knew of a woman who stayed in a relationship that wasn't good because they were in love. This man abused these woman treated them like dogs y'all really going to sit here and be like those tramps wanted to stay WHO CARES???this man knew what he was doing he targeted little girls whose families really didn't care who had a dream that they thought He could help them with because he had that power and he was a "musical genius" as y'all say. like is it really hard to believe this man is a monster????'

Someone else has a different perspective on things and asks: 'Okay but I still wanna know where were the parents and why didn’t the girls leave when they got the chance. Ain’t nobody just gon stay and do that kinda stuff unless they want to. Wrong is wrong, and to me rkelly & the girls & the parents and everyone else around him is wrong and IDC.'

Have you seen the docuseries? What do you think?

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