R. Kelly Is In General Population Now Following Accusations That The State Had Put Him In Solitary Confinement

R. Kelly Is In General Population Now Following Accusations That The State Had Put Him In Solitary Confinement
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Reported by The Chicago Tribune, R. Kelly, the embattled "Hump Bounce" singer, has been transported over to the prison's general population claim the prosecutors. After nearly a month of criticizing Kelly's living conditions, the singer's attorney has apparently been given what he wants.

The R&B singer is currently waiting on his trial for sex-abuse charges involving both minors and adult women. Prosecutors presiding over the case have denied the claims of R. Kelly's lawyer, who has stated repeatedly that Kelly's rights are being violated behind bars.

Moreover, the prosecutors claimed that Kelly denied their request to move into the general population when he was given the opportunity. Approximately 8 days after he was arrested, Kelly said on the telephone on the 19th of July that if he goes to "population," he'll be "up on everybody" and everybody will be "up on me."

Kelly reportedly said that he has seen a lot of movies about that sort of thing, and, due to his fame, Kelly insinuated he might become a target in the big house. Kelly added," and then I'm like so popular here, it's like yeah, man."

Steven Greenberg, who's still R. Kelly's lawyer, said that his move to the general population was part of a series of discussions regarding Kelly's restrictions behind bars. Greenberg stated that he and Kelly filed a "motion with the court," and they made the right decision by moving him.

Reportedly, the R&B singer has been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center since the 11th of July, when agents with the federal government arrested him after he was walking his dog outside his home at Trump Tower.

As it was previously reported, Kelly's issue with authorities intensified earlier this year after the popularity of the Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, which brought to light a series of allegations against the singer.

Consequently, many media and entertainment figures turned their back on Kelly, including some of his former collaborators, Too $hort and Lady Gaga among others. Additionally, members of Kelly's inner circle gave up tapes of him supposedly sleeping with underage girls.

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  • Bess
    Bess Sep 8, 2019 9:32 PM PDT

    R. Kelly's fans should unite and support R. Kelly through this injustice. #freekelly

  • Robin Arrington
    Robin Arrington Sep 8, 2019 3:43 PM PDT

    What's in dark do come to light, every one must pay for their own sins🤔....

  • Marie
    Marie Sep 8, 2019 1:04 PM PDT

    All I can say he need to pray to the Lord every day to protect him because you all these prisoner are not happy about all this

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