R. Kelly In New Trouble -- Ex-Sheriff Accuses Him Of Having An Affair With His Wife -- But There Is An Odd Twist

R. Kelly In New Trouble -- Ex-Sheriff Accuses Him Of Having An Affair With His Wife -- But There Is An Odd Twist
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R. Kelly cannot catch a break, as the singer and songwriter has been entangled in multiple legal affairs with no apparent way out.

He is currently dealing with lawsuits related to sexual misconduct as well as several other charges, and it looks like he is now going to have to handle with yet another case, this time filed by a sheriff’s deputy.

According to Kenny Bryant, a former Hinds County, Mississippi sheriff’s deputy, Kelly was responsible for ending his marriage by having an affair with his ex-wife, Asia Childress.

The Blast revealed that in 2012, the deputy married Childress, but the twist, she had a romance with Kelly years prior.

Bryant said in late 2012, Childress and Kelly started a five-year-long affair after she attended one of his concerts. Bryant claimed his cheating wife made him move to Georgia to continue to see Kelly secretly.

The suit also alleges that the R&B legend has been trying to evade his responsibility in the case, and has attempted to sweep the whole situation under the rug.

And while many have questioned the claims of the deputy, others have pointed out that some states do indeed recognize the guilt of parties responsible for breaking up a marriage.

It remains to be seen if the deputy has any proof of what went down, though. Things might get especially complicated because Kelly is currently behind bars and facing multiple other charges.

It actually would not be the first time the Chicago crooner was served with papers while inside a jail, although he complained quite vocally the previous time this happened.

Kelly’s attorney has also been critical of the way the legal system has been treating his client, implying that the courts are purposefully going against him and trying to make his situation more complicated than it needs to be in reality, given his circumstances.

One person had this reaction: “Any move he makes in any other case will be used as evidence in the federal case. At this point, any notion of settlement in any case other than federal will be used as evidence in the federal. That explains the no shows... In fact, the only thing on his side... It is the fact that he doesn’t know; there are no more moves he can make. To all the victims.”

Can Kelly rebound after this?

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