R. Kelly In New Trouble -- Ex-Sheriff Accuses Him Of Having An Affair With His Wife -- But There Is An Odd Twist

R. Kelly In New Trouble -- Ex-Sheriff Accuses Him Of Having An Affair With His Wife -- But There Is An Odd Twist
Credit: Page Six

R. Kelly cannot catch a break, as the singer and songwriter has been entangled in multiple legal affairs with no apparent way out.

He is currently dealing with lawsuits related to sexual misconduct as well as several other charges, and it looks like he is now going to have to handle with yet another case, this time filed by a sheriff’s deputy.

According to Kenny Bryant, a former Hinds County, Mississippi sheriff’s deputy, Kelly was responsible for ending his marriage by having an affair with his ex-wife, Asia Childress.

The Blast revealed that in 2012, the deputy married Childress, but the twist, she had a romance with Kelly years prior.

Bryant said in late 2012, Childress and Kelly started a five-year-long affair after she attended one of his concerts. Bryant claimed his cheating wife made him move to Georgia to continue to see Kelly secretly.

The suit also alleges that the R&B legend has been trying to evade his responsibility in the case, and has attempted to sweep the whole situation under the rug.

And while many have questioned the claims of the deputy, others have pointed out that some states do indeed recognize the guilt of parties responsible for breaking up a marriage.

It remains to be seen if the deputy has any proof of what went down, though. Things might get especially complicated because Kelly is currently behind bars and facing multiple other charges.

It actually would not be the first time the Chicago crooner was served with papers while inside a jail, although he complained quite vocally the previous time this happened.

Kelly’s attorney has also been critical of the way the legal system has been treating his client, implying that the courts are purposefully going against him and trying to make his situation more complicated than it needs to be in reality, given his circumstances.

One person had this reaction: “Any move he makes in any other case will be used as evidence in the federal case. At this point, any notion of settlement in any case other than federal will be used as evidence in the federal. That explains the no shows... In fact, the only thing on his side... It is the fact that he doesn’t know; there are no more moves he can make. To all the victims.”

Can Kelly rebound after this?

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  • Lisa
    Lisa Oct 9, 2019 11:07 AM PDT

    I do not condone some of R Kelly's actions. But the parents have to take responsibility for the parts they played in this. I would never allow my daughter to be in the studio with no adult male or female without my supervision . I would have to be present at everything .theses are parents who did not give a damn because if they did they would have never left there children alone.This was a paycheck for these parents and shame on you for pimping your children out for fame and money. Do I believe he did this, I do. But I also think the people who were on the documentary and witnessed these encounters should be prosecuted also because they witnessed a crime on under age children. Now, I think he did have encounters with underage children, but I do not think he had sex with all those people. I think some of this people want a pay day this is my opinion but back to what I said, Parents you have to take accountability in the part you played in it.

  • C. Susan Keen
    C. Susan Keen Oct 21, 2019 1:11 PM PDT

    What the public does not see is someone who was serious about music and went to great lengths to build a career for himself. Even with extreme talent, this is not easy to do. I saw him at a music conference in LA. He was not walking around with anyone or flaunting himself with crazy outfits. He was dressed in a suit and walking ahead, not looking sideways. My feeling is that this girlfriend thing with a bunch of ladies was to build an image in order to sell more records. I am not buying into these women who knew that they were not real giirlfriends. I believe they are being fake. No one has to take money or is forced to have sex here. How many single pregnant underage teens do we have already and no one is out prosecuting the fathers? It is not ok. But here, this is selective prosecution, because the federal government is using the RICO Act to try to take from R. Kelly who worked hard and against the odds. They now wants to blacklist him and take his money. How farfetched an application is of RICO is this? This law was intended for entirely illegal enterprises like Mafia business set ups to extort money and drug cartels to transport hard drugs to sell on the streets and the launder money. You know who should be helping this star? His former record company. He made a lot of mony for them building his image and it was by having women of all ages liking him for his songs and just him being a cool person who gave back to others. He would hang out at places where celebrities fo not go just like he did growing uo. He did not forget his roots. He gave a tribute to Whitney Houston at her funeral. He gave money to people living on the streets... This is a far cry from the demonizing tails of people who use others and then twist the truth in gossipy news stories, so-called news. We should shun all of the nasty gossip and start being real about people and start giving back to others.

  • Katie
    Katie Oct 7, 2019 9:48 AM PDT

    I'm sorry starting this out with "R. Kelly can't get a break." What?! He's a predator he doesn't deserve a break and everything happening to him is an exact consequence of his vile actions.

  • Charleen Hope Machado
    Charleen Hope Machado Oct 19, 2019 1:15 AM PDT

    It is what it is and what's done is done . I believe he has some darkness in him. But you should not go around hurting people so you can find your light. Like they say what lays in the dark will come into the light. Karma is a b she will have her turn .

  • Zaria shaima
    Zaria shaima Oct 15, 2019 4:44 AM PDT

    No matter what, R Kelly may have made some mistakes but the truth is bitter and that is many are those accusing him wrongly.... They should leave him alone and I pray the truth comes out sooner than later.

  • Mary
    Mary Oct 13, 2019 7:08 PM PDT

    R Kelly is what is produced when you feed your mind on filthy sex acts and have volunteer victims who are easily manipulated. He is a sick man with a proclivity toward young girls. He is a sex addict who wants to dominate. His celebrity and money has made it easier to carry out his fantasies. He is unequivocally a pedophile. He will not change. He needs to be locked up away from weak woman and children.

  • Bukky
    Bukky Oct 13, 2019 8:08 AM PDT

    R kelly might have crossed the line or made some mistakes but he is NOT a monster and a lot of these people are trying to get paid.I personally hung out with R Kelly years ago he never did all these things he is accused of. I could come and go as I pleased NEVER held hostage.These ladies are saying he was controling etc not true . I pray the truth comes out

  • Wendy Morgan
    Wendy Morgan Oct 7, 2019 1:15 PM PDT

    Oh well R Kelly I guess I will get in line also you came to my house and ate my ice cream

  • Only God Can Judge
    Only God Can Judge Oct 9, 2019 4:11 AM PDT

    These are all accusations, no proof has been presented. Leave that man alone. We as a people have a habit of listening to the media then forming opinions without facts. Every single female that accused R Kelly were willing participants and all said they left when they wanted. Every one of them were looking for a come up and didn't so now they trying to bring him down.

  • Jennifer R
    Jennifer R Oct 8, 2019 9:22 PM PDT

    Leave R Kelly alone where was the mother and father all along these parents needs to stop renting their daughters out point blank period

  • Terrence Harris
    Terrence Harris Oct 8, 2019 2:35 PM PDT

    R Kelly really didn't do anything wrong except let people play him. It was a plot all along.

  • Nicki Clark
    Nicki Clark Oct 8, 2019 5:06 AM PDT

    They need to leave this black man alone period

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