R. Kelly Gets Visit From Chicago Building Inspectors Due To Possible Infraction

R. Kelly Gets Visit From Chicago Building Inspectors Due To Possible Infraction
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R. Kelly's problems are getting worse as allegations continue to pile up and more and more celebrities and former collaborators turn their back on the once-legendary R & B singer.

According to a report from The Chicago Tribune, Mr. Kelly has another problem to worry about due to the Department of Buildings visiting the artist in his home. The city inspectors arrived at his warehouse to ensure laws have been followed.

Multiple outlets revealed that the inspection was granted by a Cook County Judge just last week after city lawyers and many others thought that there were people living in the warehouses, despite the fact the area is not zoned as a residency.

A spokesperson from the Department of Buildings who spoke with E! News said the decision was actually not related at all to any criminal case and would only result in building code violations. This all comes just a couple of days after the release of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime.

As it was previously reported, numerous women have spoken out now about Kelly, claiming he has been abusive toward them, forcing them to pee in buckets and choosing what they wear. Thus far, the singer has denied all allegations and hasn't been convicted of any crime.

When the documentary hit the air, his attorney went on ABC News to address the charges. The star said he and Kelly know what happened, and the things on the show did not. He confirmed R. Kelly has not held any women hostage or in a "sex cult."

He also insinuated that Kelly would sue Lifetime for defamation. His attorney added that no one should have the right to say such things about another person without proof. Ever since the docu-series hit the air, many celebrities like Chance The Rapper and John Legend have condemned Kelly and his supposed transgressions.

Legend later took to his Twitter account to describe R. Kelly as a "serial child rapist," and also suggested his decision to appear in the documentary was easy because of that supposed fact.

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