R. Kelly Gets Some Good And Bad News From His Girlfriends

R. Kelly Gets Some Good And Bad News From His Girlfriends
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It looks like R. Kelly's wishes to be taken out of solitary confinement have come true, and he is being moved to the general population. Another wish is set to make him somewhat happy -- his multiple girlfriends will be able to visit him.

The legendary R&B singer has made multiple requests on the topic recently, claiming that he has been treated unfairly and inhumanely.

His attorney has been petitioning the court regularly for his transition, but until now, this was not possible.

The new development has drawn criticism towards the court system, with many pointing out that this could endanger the artist's life.

Solitary confinement is not a form of punishment in cases like his, but rather a protective measure to ensure that he stays safely isolated from his fellow inmates.

The nature of the charges against him could definitely make it sensible for the R&B artist to be kept away from the general prison population.

What is more, he is not a random nobody either -- he is a famous figure known by many, and will undoubtedly be easily recognized.

Judging by some comments on social media, many people seem to already have a beef with R. Kelly, so his situation could be quite dangerous if he decided to interact with his fellow inmates more actively.

It is not known what conditions he will be held under after his transfer, and it is possible that he will still get a single cell and will be isolated from the rest of the prison population.

This is still under question, however, and some of R. Kelly's fans have been worried about his wellbeing in light of the recent announcements.

It has been confirmed that Kelly's co- girlfriends have decided to visit him as often as possible. The star's attorney, Steven Greenberg, said that while Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary will be able to greet and hug Kelly, - there will be no conjugal visits.

One person had this reaction to the news: "We don't need to win the battle in social media, God is in control, and He'll have the final say, God didn't bring him this far through poverty, not able to read, losing his mom, etc. to leave him now. We all got to get in the lion's den and prove to God that our faith is strong in the tough times."

Another commenter stated: "His face says it all.....he like dam them young chicks wasn't worth all this.......yea thought he was invincible...."

This observer wrote: "Finally gets his "wish"... Nice."

Kelly is also facing charges in New York.

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