R. Kelly Dropped From Another Radio Station Except In North Carolina This Time

R. Kelly Dropped From Another Radio Station Except In North Carolina This Time
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Amid reports of R. Kelly causing more controversy following the announcement he would embark on an international tour, more radio stations have revealed they would no longer play the singer's music on their platforms.

Two stations in North Carolina announced they would no longer play the embattled singer's music due to the outcry of women who claim R. Kelly abused them, an allegation documented in Lifetime's biggest docu-series in recent memory, Surviving R. Kelly .

WBTV in Charlotte reported that the operations manager, Jeff Anderson, of WOSF-FM claims it isn't in their best interest to play R. Kelly's songs anymore. Due to the new docu-series and the allegations against him, the station decided it wasn't a good idea to host his music.

Anderson said in an interview that he believes people are beginning to take a stand against abuse, and they're standing in solidarity with the victims who were previously ignored by industry elites as well as by the larger society.

Ever since the new documentary came out, R. Kelly has found himself in repeated trouble over and over again. However, police who investigated him in Atlanta as well as in Chicago noted they had visited him in his home, as well as his supposed victims, and discovered there were no problems at all.

Reportedly, this matter was addressed by the makers of Surviving R. Kelly , who claim that R. Kelly is so powerful that he has friends in the police department who will warn him about officials visiting him, and thus, has the chance to clean things up before they arrive.

As most know, this is just one man to go down in the wake of the #MeToo movement which has continued since it first began in the late months of 2017 with embattled producer, Harvey Weinstein, who's currently awaiting his trial that begins in the summer months of 2019.

Following the R. Kelly controversy, the men involved in Michael Jackson's abuse case have begun speaking once again, even though they already denied it back in the middle of the 2000s.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck say they have just become cognizant of what happened to them recently and chose to speak out for the documentary,  Leaving Neverland , aired at Sundance Film Festival this past month.

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