R. Kelly And Bill Cosby Are Thrown Under The Bus By Amanda Seales For This Reason

R. Kelly And Bill Cosby Are Thrown Under The Bus By Amanda Seales For This Reason
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Amanda Seales has joined in the discussions about Rodney Reed, and she has done very little to hide her disappointment in the murder suspect and her overall disapproval of his actions and alleged history.

Reed is still facing a lot of controversies, and many have been debating whether or not his death sentence was warranted.

And now, Seales has expressed the view that Reed should be treated precisely like people treated R. Kelly and Bill Cosby.

However, the situation does seem to be quite different, and many have pointed out that the details in both stories just do not match closely enough for this even to be a point.

Reed has had his execution successfully delayed, much to the delight of various celebrities who joined together in their attempts to keep him alive.

However, not everyone seems to be rejoicing over the court’s decision, and some, like Seales, have been more critical of the situation. It is not exactly clear if she is actually against Reed himself, though.

Some have taken her comments in a different light, with the implication that the heavy-handed treatment received by other celebrities in similar situations was not warranted, if someone like Reed could be granted a stay of execution in a similar situation.

Still, as some have pointed out, there is very little room for comparison in both situations, and the fact that Reed’s execution was delayed is not at all indicative of the court system treating the case any differently.

One person had this reaction: “But now how many of us will go, and fact check her fact check? I’m reading a lot of comments that sound like we’re now accepting all of these to be the facts with no intent to research on our own...when that’s the whole issue!”

This social media shared: “We’ll never have the full story as outsiders, looking in. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for saving one of our peoples’ lives from the death penalty. Don’t matter what crime he did commit in his past ....the one he was bout to die for, he didn’t do. Or else it’ll become a “is this person worth saving “argument, and who are we to decide that?? All we did was hear a case and make a decision to sign.”

After being dragged by activist Shaun King, the comedian apologized.

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