R. Kelly Allowed To Leave Prison Three Days After Turning Himself In To The Police

R. Kelly Allowed To Leave Prison Three Days After Turning Himself In To The Police
Credit: Source: nme.com

As you may know, R. Kelly, who has been accused of sexual assault, turned himself in to the police over the weekend. He was issued a bond of $1 million over accusations that he sexually assaulted four women, three out of which were teens.

However, E! News reported that earlier today, after spending no more than three days behind bars, the controversial singer was released after posting $100K in bail.

Kelly was ordered to show up in court on March 22 but until then, he is free.

The star turned himself in to the police on Friday night following a 10-count indictment.

Regardless, the man’s legal representative, Steve Greenberg, insisted that his client is ‘an innocent man,’ and that ‘all the women are lying.’

The star was accused of sexual abuse of four females, three of which were underage at the time he assaulted them (13 to 17.)

While in court on Saturday, the judge dealing with the case called the accusations against R. Kelly ‘disturbing.’

During the proceeding, E! News reports, Kelly stood with his arms behind his back and showed no emotion as a prosecutor read all the charges against him.

From time to time, he would apparently glance at the floor and at them but nothing more.

Kelly is not allowed to contact the alleged victims, witnesses or anybody under the age of 18!

He is also not allowed to have firearms and was forced to turn in his passport.

Each one of the four charges against him could send Kelly behind bars for up to ten years.

Since he paid the ten percent of his bond, the man was allowed to walk free up until his trial in March.

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