R. Kelly Accused Of Assaulting Another Minor In 1997

R. Kelly Accused Of Assaulting Another Minor In 1997
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R. Kelly's legal problems have continued to intensify after reports revealed that another woman has come out and accused the R&B performer of abusing her in the 1990s.

Page Six reported that fresh charges have been brought against the singer-songwriter, which suggests he first started abusing the woman in question in 1997, spanning across a time period of four years.

On Friday, a new indictment was dropped on the head of the singer in a Chicago federal court, which states that the woman was 14 or 15-years-old when R. Kelly first started sexually abusing her. Additionally, the filing includes more details such as the payment for the retrieval of videotapes of the singer having sex with minors.

As most know, R. Kelly's case will go on trial in April of this year, and he has been charged with producing and spreading child pornography, and also encouraging underage girls to have sex with him. The Sun-Times was the first to report that the new indictment could lead to a rescheduled court date.

Steven Greenberg, R. Kelly's lawyer, took to his Twitter account on Friday to state that he and his client were aware of the new indictment. Greenberg stated that he and his client were looking forward to the day where they could prove his innocence.

As most know, Kelly is up against more charges in Brooklyn, including sex trafficking, bribery, and racketeering charges. The charges brought against R. Kelly mark the second time he has been held accountable for his alleged actions.

Fans of the singer-songwriter know that he was first acquitted on all child pornography charges back in 2008 after years of allegations and videotapes were revealed. Kelly was acquitted because prosecutors couldn't prove that it was him on the videotape.

Later, R. Kelly came under fire for the second time when a BuzzFeed report came out about him, with the help of the family of Joycelyn Savage. A new docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, also played a crucial role in the new charges against the performer, including his subsequent ostracization in the industry.

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