R Kelly Accused By Another Woman - Except This Time She's Claiming He Gave Her An STI

R Kelly Accused By Another Woman - Except This Time She's Claiming He Gave Her An STI
Source: BusinessInsider.com

R & B legend R. Kelly is in hot water yet again, except this time, he's in trouble for allegedly giving a girl a sexually transmitted disease during their relationship which started when she was just 19-years-old. The woman went to the Dallas Police Department to report Kelly.

According to her attorney, Lee Merritt, they're seeking restitution and compensation for the damages. She and her lawyer are preparing a federal civil complaint against the singer.

The Washington Post was the first publication to report the news, however, they did not publish the name of the woman for the sake of protecting her identity.

Reportedly, it's a common practice for the Washington Post to avoid posting names of sexual assault victims. In response, a representative speaking on the singer's behalf has denied all of the allegations.

The 51-year-old R & B singer has sold nearly 50 million albums throughout his career but continually has been held down by allegations of sexual misconduct, ranging from the bizarre to the believable.

Back in 2008, Kelly was acquitted for his child pornography trial because the victim and her parents refused to testify in the court case. Kelly's supposed victim was 14-years-old at the time of the hearing.

Moreover, Kelly has settled several lawsuits against him where women claimed they were victims of abuse. Last summer, BuzzFeed claimed the singer was holding women hostage in his house.

Regarding the unidentified woman who's now suing Kelly for damages, her lawyer says that she was infected with an STI as a result of Kelly's criminal misconduct.

Her attorney claimed his client was being groomed to join his "sex cult." She supposedly would have to sign a contract and offer personal information about herself so that Kelly would have collateral, as a means of protecting himself.

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