Quitting Teen Mom? Kailyn Lowry Reveals New TV Show Plans!

Quitting Teen Mom? Kailyn Lowry Reveals New TV Show Plans!
Source: intouchweekly.com

The mother of three is reportedly ready to move on from the hit show to something greater! In a new interview with the reality TV star, Kailyn Lowry revealed that she is currently working on a show for after she graduates college.

‘I filmed a pilot with one of my friends back in March, so I’m hoping to edit that and try to get it out there. I want to pitch it and see what happens,’ Lowry shared.

The Teen Mom star went on to explain what her show’s concept is all about.

According to her, if it gets picked, it’s going to be a show focusing on working mothers.

As fans certainly are aware, Lowry took no less than six years to complete her Bachelor’s because she had to raise her two sons all by herself.

Now that Baby Lo is also in the family and that she has to raise the three boys without much help, Lowry’s studies and career might be even more compromised now.

These days, aside from focusing on her career, she is also a full-time mommy that likes to put her boys first no matter what.

Kailyn was recently in the headlines because of the fact that she was struggling to pick a name for her baby boy with former boyfriend, Chris Lopez.

Although she has allegedly decided on one the star is yet to reveal it.

Lowry also explained why she chose to keep the name under wraps.

‘I’ve not filled out legal paperwork yet. There’s always room for me to change my mind on the name.’

Would you watch Kailyn Lowry’s show about working moms if it gets picked up?

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