Quentin Tarantino Reveals He Doesn't Even Have A Cell Phone - 'I Get Many Letters'

Quentin Tarantino Reveals He Doesn't Even Have A Cell Phone - 'I Get Many Letters'
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Despite Quentin Tarantino's reputation as a cutting-edge filmmaker, the director apparently doesn't keep up with the times regarding technology, at least in his personal life. For his latest movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood , actresses such as Dakota Fanning, Lena Dunham, and Margot Robbie, wrote him letters saying they wanted to work with him.

Tarantino claimed he gets "many letters," and doesn't have a cell phone so he's notoriously hard to get ahold of. The star admitted Margot, in particular, surprised him and he thought she was the only logical choice to portray the actress, Sharon Tate.

Page Six reports Quentin as describing Margot Robbie as his "holy grail," adding that if she wanted to be in the film, she would have to turn down all other movie roles, which she subsequently did. "That loyalty and spirit is invaluable," the director remarked.

On the other hand, however, neither Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt had to write him a letter, in addition to Roman Polanski. Tarantino joked that it was doubtful Roman had even seen the film. Even though it's hard to get ahold of Quentin, the studios likely found it easier to contact him when it was revealed his movie was under attack by censors.

Reported first by NBC News, Quentin confirmed he had no intentions to cut his film, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, following reports that a branch of the Chinese government wanted the film re-cut to meet guidelines.

As the story goes, China took the movie out of theaters approximately one week before it was supposed to be released. To this day, it's not entirely clear why the film was pulled, due to the fact regulators rarely reveal their reasons.

Insiders who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter claimed it was probably due to the portrayal of Bruce Lee in the film. Controversially, Quentin depicted Bruce Lee as arrogant and annoying. Shannon Lee, for instance, Bruce's daughter, claims Quentin used old Asian-American stereotypes to attempt to make Bruce Lee look bad.

During a conversation with The Wrap, Shannon stated it was "uncomfortable" to watch the movie, especially as people laughed at the way Lee was portrayed.

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