Quentin Tarantino Expresses Gratitude For The Golden Girls - Says He 'Owes' Them His Career

Quentin Tarantino Expresses Gratitude For The Golden Girls - Says He 'Owes' Them His Career
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Quentin Tarantino recently came out to thank Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche, for their collective contribution to his career, a report from CNN revealed. The famed director once scored a gig as an Elvis impersonator on the set of the hit comedy series, The Golden Girls . The series was on the air from 1985 until 1992.

During a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, Quentin revealed one of the first jobs he ever got in the industry was as an Elvis Presley impersonator on The Golden Girls. The star claimed he never even auditioned, they just sent a picture of him into the show and he got it.

Later on, the role of Elvis played a crucial role in his first big film, Reservoir Dogs. According to Quentin, the residual pay-checks he received for his part on the show occurred on a very popular episode of the series.

It was a two-part installment, and he was paid for both parts. They featured it in the Best of The Golden Girls series and he received residual checks every time they showed it. According to the director, they paid him $650 for the episode, however, three years later and he made $3,000.

The director explained that while the money wasn't a lot, it was enough to fund his life during the pre-production phase of Reservoir Dogs . Fans of Quentin Tarantino know that 2019 was a big year for him, as he scored big with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood , starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Quentin has worked with the two actors more than once now, enough so that both performers know Quentin quite well, a fact demonstrated by Brad during his speech at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards earlier in the week.

Brad made his way on to the stage at the award ceremony and delivered the speech while presenting Tarantino with the award for best screenplay. On stage, Brad joked that Quentin was the type of guy who talked so much that he needed cocaine to slow down.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywoo d was Tarantino's most financially successful film yet.

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