Queen Elizabeth Sees Kate Middleton As An Equal And Meghan Markle As A Child Claims Body Language Expert

Queen Elizabeth Sees Kate Middleton As An Equal And Meghan Markle As A Child Claims Body Language Expert
Credit: Source: Daily Mail

Queen Elizabeth will never publicly reveal her true feelings about the members of her family. But, according to a body language expert, the monarch doesn’t have to say a word. That expert, Judi James, claims that the Queen’s body language tells fans everything they need to know about how she feels about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

According to James, the Queen sees Markle as a “giggling grandchild,” while she sees Middleton as an “equal.”  James told The Sun that the Queen has given subtle hints that she has a much closer relationship with Kate.

“Meghan might be the same age as Kate, but she chose a very different body language behavior on her first public engagement with the Queen. Unlike Kate, who had spent years integrating slowly, Meghan was fast-tracked into her royal duties, and as a result, her body language looked more youthful and compliant as she studied the Queen carefully as a ‘newbie,’” James explained about Markle’s first royal engagement with Queen Elizabeth.

The body language expert added that Markle entertained the Queen during their first appearance together by joking and placing her fingers to her mouth, like a secret-sharing gesture a schoolgirl would make.

James says that when it comes to Middleton, her body language with the Queen shows that the two have become good friends. She explained that Her Majesty takes a “role-sharing approach” when she makes appearances with Middleton, the future Queen. And, this is noticeable because of the “intense mirroring” that takes place.

James pointed out a time when the two royals sat together in the back of a car and shared a blanket. Not only did they have the same style of wave, but they were synchronized. This behavior is known as a “postural echo,” where they exhibit like-minded thinking even though they aren’t looking at each other.

When she is with Middleton, James says that the Queen looks relaxed, and Middleton looks respectful and delighted. The two appear to have a more evenly-based friendship, as opposed to Markle, who appears to be a much-loved granddaughter.

One thing that all three women have in common is their love of wearing bold colors. However, both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton opt for neutral colors when they make appearances with the Queen, so they don’t steal the spotlight from the 92-year-old.

Queen Elizabeth purposely wears a colorful wardrobe during public appearances so that her royal fans can easily find her in a crowd.


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