Queen Elizabeth II Moves From Buckingham Palace Amid Coronavirus Scare

Queen Elizabeth II Moves From Buckingham Palace Amid Coronavirus Scare
Credit: Source: NationalPost.com

The Sun reported yesterday that the coronavirus has Queen Elizabeth II out of the Buckingham Palace. According to the outlet, the 93-year-old queen and Prince Phillip, 98, were taken to Windsor Castle this weekend where they'll remain until the situation improves in the United Kingdom.

An insider who spoke with the outlet claimed that Queen Elizabeth II is currently in great spirits and her health is fine, but officials decided it was best to move her out of Buckingham Palace. Windsor Castle is around 25 miles away from Buckingham Palace.

The royal insider claimed that Buckingham Palace frequently gets many visitors and tourists, and the risk of infection there was much higher. Advisors suggested to her that it would be wise to get out of the area on account of the coronavirus.

The Mirror, on the other hand, claims that the Queen was just going to the Windsor Castle as part of her weekly routine. She intends on coming back to London, UK, sometime next week. Plans have been made by her advisors in case the situation worsens, however.

At the moment, there have been around 1,400 reported cases in the United Kingdom as well as 21 deaths. Similar to regular influenza, the coronavirus poses a considerable risk to people above 70-years-of-age. Donald Trump announced earlier this week that flights to and from the United Kingdom would soon be banned as a preventative measure.

Thus far, the effects of the COVID-19 can be seen all around the world, after the World Health Organization declared it as an official pandemic, in other words, an illness seen on nearly every continent.

The entertainment industry is just one such area where the economic effects have been large, including the cruise ship industry, and other forms of leisure and tourism. Today, it was reported by Billboard that COVID-19 brought the movie theater business to its lowest point since the early 2000s.

The outlet claims that currently, numbers are even lower than what they were in the two weeks following the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

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