Queen Elizabeth 'Gave Up' On Prince Charles, Wants Prince William To Be King

Queen Elizabeth 'Gave Up' On Prince Charles, Wants Prince William To Be King
Credit: Source: Vanity Fair

Prince Charles cannot catch a break. Amid speculation about who will succeed the throne, royal experts claim that Queen Elizabeth taught Prince William everything he needs to know about being king — and she did it after almost giving up on her own son.

William allegedly spent every Sunday with Her Majesty during his five years of schooling at Eaton. In their afternoon tea sessions, Elizabeth schooled William on his future kingly duties because she never thought Charles would actually take the throne.

As noted by royal experts Richard Kay and Paul Burrell, Elizabeth had all but given up on the idea that Charles would inherit the crown.

"In many ways, the Queen had almost given up on Prince Charles. Charles was such an independent heir to the throne, determined to do things his own way whereas William has proved to be more malleable, perhaps," Kay revealed.

According to Express , Kay believes that William is more likely to take after his grandmother than his father, which could be why they developed such a close bond. This is also why Elizabeth felt comfortable teaching William the ins and outs of royal life.

Charles, of course, is the first in line to inherit the crown. Although he does not have a large public following, Charles has been fulfilling his princely duties since 1969 and is unlikely to give up his spot on the throne. That could change if Charles' popularity continues to decline, but only time will tell if he is truly open to letting William take the crown.

A good portion of Charles' negative public image stems from his disastrous relationship with Princess Diana. In a new biography, The Duchess: The Untold Story , author Penny Junor revealed that the drama reached a boiling point after Elizabeth lost her patience with Diana, who alluded to Charles' affair with Camilla in a public interview. She even allegedly sent them a letter asking for them to get divorced to avoid future embarrassment for the family.

Buckingham Palace has not issued any statements in regard to Queen Elizabeth or Charles' plans as the next King of England.


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