Queen Elizabeth And Prince Phillip Received The COVID-19 Vaccine New Reports Reveal

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Phillip Received The COVID-19 Vaccine New Reports Reveal
Credit: Source: GmaneNetwork.com

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip aren't playing around when it comes to the coronavirus, that much is for certain. As most know, people over the age of 65 are at particular risk of fatality if they've contracted COVID-19, the illness that has most of the world shuttered at the moment.

Page Six says the Queen and the Prince actually got their first vaccination at Windsor Castle today, Saturday, on the 9th of January. The Sun was the first to report on a statement from Buckingham Palace which reportedly revealed that the couple got their vaccine as soon as they were able to.

The report from the Sun says the 94-year-old Queen and Prince Phillip, who will turn 100-years-old in June, received their vaccinations from the royal household doctor. The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said he was delighted to hear that the Queen and the Duke had received their treatments.

Currently, western nations all over the world are beginning the first stages of their vaccination process, with the oldest and most vulnerable people getting them first. Additionally, health care workers and people with preexisting conditions are among some of the most prioritized individuals.

Thus far, it's not entirely clear what vaccine the Queen and the Duke received, the AstraZeneca or the Pfizer-BioNTech, but what is known is that they did get the vaccine, and they were at the top of the priority list because they're over 80-years-old.

The news of the announcement comes as a bit of a shock to some UK citizens because it was originally reported that the Queen and the Prince would be deciding when to get vaccinated privately. In other words, they didn't plan on disclosing when they would get it.

However, Queen Elizabeth supposedly felt a responsibility to share the news as a way of hopefully diminishing the public's fear over the supposed safety concerns of the vaccine.

The vaccine has been controversial on social media because many people are afraid it's not quite safe to take yet. Thus far, Britain has lost 80,000 people to the coronavirus and they've had 3 million cases, in total.


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