Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Allegedly Still 'Don't Know Why' Prince Harry Left The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Allegedly Still 'Don't Know Why' Prince Harry Left The Royal Family
Credit: Source: NBCNews.com

A source who spoke with the New York Post this week claimed Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth probably don't understand why Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, chose to leave the royal family suddenly. The insider claimed they are "sad and upset" over the news to this day.

Ingrid Seward, who's currently in the middle of promoting her new book, Prince Philip Revealed , claimed Philip and Elizabeth were really holding out hope that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were going to bring a lot of excitement to the family.

Seward said to reporters from Page Six that it was a "huge shock" to the royal family for a number of reasons. She says they likely asked themselves what was it that Meghan and Harry wanted and what was it that they didn't have access to?

Ingrid went on to describe the hypothetical feelings of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, explaining how Harry and Meghan had a beautiful home, a newborn baby, and they were always doing whatever they wanted to do, including the fact that both of them have massive platforms from which to speak. Their departure has left them confused.


According to Seward, Megxit was a big deal to Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth because they honestly felt as if Meghan and Harry would be the "new face" of the British aristocracy, essentially bringing the monarchy into the modern era.

Seward also speculated on the thoughts and feelings of Prince Philip, explaining how it likely came as a particular surprise to him because he always liked Prince Harry.

Seward described Harry as "spontaneous" and "fun," which are all the things Philip was when he was a young man. Prince Philip saw himself in Prince Harry a little bit, Seward remarked, so it was easy for him to empathize.


Regarding Seward's critics who claim she doesn't like Meghan, Ingrid responded with a statement on how "magical" Meghan and Harry's wedding was, but she thinks the Suits alum just didn't understand how inconspicuous the British tend to be.


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