Quavo Reveals How He Regrets Not Giving Pop Smoke Advice On Housing

Quavo Reveals How He Regrets Not Giving Pop Smoke Advice On Housing
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Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from the Migos member today, Quavos, in which he revealed one of his biggest regrets. Pop Smoke's new posthumous album was revealed this week and since then, many fans have discussed who did and didn't appear on the new record.

For the most part, artists were only featured on one song each, including the executive producer of the record, 50 Cent . However, Quavo made a number of appearances - three in total.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Quavo appears on three different tracks, including "West Coast S**t," "Aim For The Moon," and "Snitching." Initially, it wasn't clear why Quavo was featured on so many songs in comparison to other artists, but a new interview with Complex shined a light on the mystery.

During his chat with the outlet regarding the new record, Shoot for The Stars, Aim For The Moon, Quavo dished on his personal relationship with Pop Smoke, and also the one thing he regrets. According to the rapper, he and Pop Smoke became really close, and he would often give him advice as Pop Smoke got used to the new life.

Quavo says he told Pop Smoke to slow down, because the game "swallows" people when they spend too much money too quickly, or they rise too fast. "Man, you've to take your time," Quavo says he said to Pop Smoke who was eager to start flying in private jets and living a luxurious lifestyle.

According to the rapper, Quavo's rise in the industry was slow and progressive. He started out flying in coach, then to first-class, and then finally to his own private jet. He took his time and it took a lot of money management skills and growing.

Quavo joked that people often call him "Uncle Huncho" because of his wisdom. However, he says that when it comes to housing, he didn't give him the advice he needed. "I feel like I would have helped him," Quavo remarked, after noting how he used Airbnb.

The Migos member went on to say that Pop Smoke was his friend and his "boy," and he misses him. Pop Smoke was murdered in a home invasion this year. 

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