Quavo Gets Into Fist Fight With Man During Paris Fashion Week After Party

Quavo Gets Into Fist Fight With Man During Paris Fashion Week After Party
Credit: Source: Vibe.com

The Migos group member, Quavo, apparently got into a skirmish earlier this week during an afterparty for Paris Fashion Week. TMZ got their hands on footage appearing to show the rapper throwing punches at another man at a French nightclub in the early hours of Friday morning.

An insider who spoke with the outlet, Page Six, stated that the 28-year-old performing artist arrived at Palais Maillot around 2:30 am for an afterparty in celebration of Offset's Paris Fashion Week show, but when he got there, security wouldn't let him in.

The insider claimed the party was "insane;" there were so many people there, that nobody even recognized him. In the ensuing chaos, Quavo wasn't let into the venue, and he had to wait 10 minutes at the door like everyone else.

Page Six claims the rapper, who was clearly annoyed with how his night turned out, started throwing fists at a staff member and another man inside the venue. The insider claimed there were so many fans screaming that it was hard to tell what was going on.

Additionally, one man, in particular, tried to "stick" to the rapper, so the Migos rapper threw a hook at his face. The insider added that even though there was some violence, it wasn't a real fight; it was more like a physical "altercation."

Everyone was a bit surprised to see him start throwing punches. Reportedly, the Migos artist didn't have his security team with him, so he had to defend his own person.

The source explained the lack of a security team is one of the reasons why so many people were able to get near him. Despite the intensity of the situation, TMZ claims the police never arrived at the scene.

Quavo has been in the headlines for other more personal reasons lately, including back in October 2019, when Dylan Fisher reported on his baby-pictures dilemma.


Reportedly, the rapper became furious when he discovered his mother, Edna Marshall, had been sharing pictures of him as a baby on social media. The picture spread all over the internet and the Migos performer apparently didn't like it all that much.

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