Quando Rondo Says His Latest Rap Concert Was Canceled By The Mayor And The Police

Quando Rondo Says His Latest Rap Concert Was Canceled By The Mayor And The Police
Credit: Source: Lyricsfa.com

Quando Rondo has been at the center of the King Von controversy ever since he was s hot dead outside of a nightlife establishment in Atlanta, Georgia n ear the start of the month. It's been reported that Quando Rondo, another rapper, has been linked to King Von's passing.

For that reason, Quando Rondo has found himself in the headlines a lot more lately. A lot of this has to do with the man's own comments on social media, as well, including some of which got the attention of King Von's friends.

Reportedly, Quando Rondo took to his account this weekend to say that his concert in Georgia was shut down by the mayor and the police. Rondo said to his fans and followers that the authority figures felt as though people would be at risk if the show went on, so they chose to cancel it altogether.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, however, Rondo has been accused of lying about it because fans looked at the video he used as evidence and it appears to say that it was recorded on the 1st of January, 2018. DJ Akademiks commented on the predicament this weekend, saying how Rondo even had to delete his social media because of his purported lies.


However, a new clip shared yesterday reportedly appears to back up Rondo's claims that the show was canceled. The clip shows the promoter alongside Rondo saying how the concert had to be shuttered on account of the authority figures' wishes.

In case you missed it, Quando Rondo has been accused of perpetrating the attack on King Von, at least some of his crew members have. The incident has led to many stars in the industry, including Boosie Badazz, asking for the violence to come to an end.

In fact, Meek Mill even took to his Instagram to offer a record contract to the rappers in Philadelphia in exchange for them to crush their beef. Meek was subsequently put on blast, however, including from one rapper from the North Philly who said Meek wasn't even from there and had no right to comment on it.

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